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  • 3D Computer Animation History

    February 17th, 2016perfectdesignperfect graphic

    The film and also movie world has tent to evolve always. Ever since 1995 we have seen lots of CGI Animation getting more beneficial and better today. All we must know about the new technologies behind CGI animation development. Now we will get to know some basic section of 3D Animation process. The history of 3D computer animation might be traced from inception to commercial employ. First we need to see where it was conceived, and then how it at some point wound up in our daily lives.

    While there are many contributors to computer animation, 3D animation is normally attributed to William Fetter. William Fetter worked for Boeing all through the 1960s using computers to animate as well as design certain models. One of his projects required making what came to be known as “The Boeing Man.” It was a three-dimensional representation of the human body. It turned out then that Fetter coined the term “computer graphics.” Good advertising is a must for your company to attract the right customers and even help your business shine out between your competitors. Although with so many competitors clogging the market, it might be harder and difficult for companies to obtain as well as keep the spotlight on on their own. It is ever so important, today, to have a good, eye catching as well as mesmerizing advertisement that not merely alludes to the idea of your business and also results in an impression on your customers. One of the most ways to do so is through the means of 3D animation.

    3D animation advertisements are simple to produce and can leave a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind. The combination of colors, flexibility of camera movements and even character controls and the overall quirkiness of the advertisement; all these factors come together to ensure your advertisement shines from the other billion or so dull live action advertisements which can often fail to convey the point, not to mention grab the viewers’ attention. A long time later, in 1976, Ed Catmull and Fred Parke popularized the use of 3D computer graphics and also animation when they used it in a movie called “Futureworld.” In the movie a human face and hand was animated working with the technology to visually add a futuristic feel to the film. Since that time the technique was used in many movies, and even has become a standard in film, television in addition to video games.

    Soon after “Futureworld,” the world was presented with “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.” There director George Lucas put on 3D graphics to not only enhance the atmosphere of the film, still as an inclusive piece of the entire movie. This propelled “special effects” in cinema to brand-new heights. The immense achievement of “Star Wars” would lead film makers to bet heavily of animation, especially 3D animation. If you feel 3D animation is a daunting subject in addition to a process, you don’t quite understand- We are here to help you. At Animozione, 3D animation is our specialty. Our dedicated team of artists and 3D animators’ are ready to create and craft your ideas with the utmost care.