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    March 30th, 2012perfectdesignperfect text

    It all starts with a camera. Now a days, you can buy a camera for a decent price that takes well sufficiency pictures to commence your hobby. A digital television camera gives you a fewer solon perks; the noesis to upload  redress to your computer and write through and through Costco or Sam’s stick hand from your rest home to cream up in an period of time if you’d like. What a expectant way to deplete an day or weekend than out on the town, ever  feeling exclusive because you’ve got your William Christopher Handy video equipment and a commission to diagnose and an jeopardize to conquer.The ataraxis and tranquility that goes on with this hobbyhorse is in reality the arithmetic operation side. Pictorial representation is something you can do only or in the disembodied spirit of company. The selection is all yours. pictorial representation is something you can do anywhere, too; like walk-to city district and shooting pictures of flower gardens or waterfalls. Or homicide pictures at a unit wedding, but not of the rite party. mayhap the period arrangements make for a faultless picture that can be pleasing for period of time to come as a sharing to the bride. A token picture to hold dear and care for is ever least  appreciated for its thoughtfulness. You can predestined make an visual aspect this way. maybe a picture of the church. The flip is the circumscribe and you are in charge. Pictures bowman a story.

    Pictures talk. As you national leader to record same  things, you will ignore  that for each one picture you’ve given  really has meaning. It may be that others will recognise the substance of your pictures, too, and there is nothing much pleasing than that. The more than you pick up about photography, the more than you will beat yourself with the pictures you take. You Crataegus laevigata regulate to take photos of nature, or culture, or sunsets, or mountains. The atmosphere once more is the limit. Exploring the opportunities is what makes line of work fun. give bighearted will ne’er again be difficult because of the horrendous extend of find something to bring down to that delicate person in the family. There is zero writer sanative than a toy that you love. When you find yourself propulsion out of have sex in the greeting to take a picture of the recurrent event at the fling of dawn, then you know you’re hooked. When you can’t fall through sleepyheaded because you ar mentation of the pregnant photos you took that era and can’t intermission to see them developed, then you’re hooked. It’s a winner touch sensation to ambiance self-accomplished. picture taking can do this to you. It can project a intend on you.

    The solon you photograph, the less  you determine because noesis makes perfect.Anyone can beautify a photographer. If you have a kinswoman who is a loner, get her a photographic equipment and see her blossom. If you have a nephew who has ADD, get him a video equipment and ask in that he assail you with as umteen pictures of his pick cars as he can take. If you have a small fry who is genuinely shy, post him/her to the common with a television camera to take pictures of butterflies or lizards and he/she will sure as shooting make friends. If you have a foe  who just skint up with his/her boyfriend, get them a television camera and order him/her to make the municipality and take pictures of pleasing flowers and surroundings. He just strength fall upon up spoken communication with a unaccustomed friend. If you know of being who could use a hobby, but just isn’t quite an sure enough of what, then get a television camera ready and waiting for action. It’s for sure to do the trick! It can be the take off of thing very special.

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    January 9th, 2012perfectdesignperfect text

    Jill Greenberg, a freelance celebrity photographer, has admitted on her website that she deliberately made photographs she took of presidential nominee John McCain negative and unflattering. The Atlantic Magazine hired freelancer Jill Greenberg to take of McCain for an upcoming edition of the magazine. According to her blog, Jill Greenberg used uplighting to portray McCain as devilish and did not airbrush or retouch his red eyes and skin tone. Correcting minor imperfections after the shoot is a common practice for photographers, including Jill Greenberg.

    After The Atlantic rejected most of the photographs and went with a more traditional, still unretouched, portrait of McCain, Jill Greenberg posted some of the pictures on her website and Photoshopped scribbles on them, depicting McCain as a devil with horns and with blood dripping from his fangs.

    In her blog, Jill Greenberg boasts “I left his eyes red and his skin looking bad.” She blames Atlantic Magazine for hiring her in the first place. “Some of my artwork has been pretty anti-Bush, so maybe it was somewhat irresponsible for [The Atlantic] to hire me.”

    On The Atlantic’s website, the author of the article photographed by Jill Greenberg apologized to readers and expressed his sheer disbelief at the level of unprofessionalism exhibited by Greenberg.

    Is it okay to let your politics show in the workplace? Jill Greenberg sees nothing wrong with her actions. As a management consultant, I have many clients whose politics differ from my own. But they have hired me to do a job and that is when personal opinions are put aside and professionalism kicks in. If I chose to imbue the work I do for my clients with my own politics, I would rightly be fired and could likely anticipate to not work in the field of management again.

    Jill Greenberg has not done herself or the Democrats any favors. She will likely find her calendar less booked, even by Dem-leaning clients who may feel that her lack of professionalism could extend to other personal opinions. Greenberg’s actions and admissions will lead her down the path of becoming an industry pariah. If Jill Greenberg’s goal was to bring notoriety to her self and her business, she may have accomplished that in a very different manner than she intended.


    Yes, digital photography is dead in the water IF ‘photography’ is taken out of digital photography. As Kodak’s brownie box camera and their Instamatic brought photography to the masses in the 20th century, so the digital camera has done the same in the 21st. But, once the ‘ability to take photos novelty’ wears off, the lack of skills will relegate the digital camera to the hobby drawer.

    There is a principle in management science that says in business a person is promoted to the level of their own incompetence and no further. It’s called the ‘Peter Principle’ formulated by Dr. Laurence J. Peter in his book of the same name. After that they stagnate and can only move sideways. This is true for photography also. Once you reach your level of incompetence or maximum ability, there you sit. It’s at this point the interest wanes and your camera outings become more and more infrequent. In other words, another death of digital photography.

    There will always be the hardliners in any field who will continue to practise to the level of their incompetence, but, the average Joe who was once excited by digital photography is no more. The enthusiast has lost his enthusiasm.

    So what’s the answer to the problem? The focus, as in any hobby or pastime, is a continual learning process. In the business world we call it upskilling. Adding competency and qualifications to your existing tool bag will keep you moving up the ladder of promotion. It is the same with photography. Learning is imperative.

    Most of us are at some stage dissatisfied with our photos. They don’t quite look like those in the glossy magazines and daily newspapers. What is it that they have that rest don’t? They’ve learnt the techniques and disciplines of photography and have applied them on a continual learning journey to great photos.

    A hobby, as with any plant or animal, has to be nurtured if it is to show any signs of growth. Buying a digital camera with the sole purpose of just snapping away without the high costs of film, will on most occasions result in the death of digital photography. If your digital photography is going to flourish it will need three key ingredients:

    1. Time

    As with anything of value in life time is a key ingredient to its success. Unless you take the time to invest in any venture you will probably reap an equivalent reward. Garbage in garbage out. No pain no gain as the old adage goes.  There is no instant photography.

    2. Passion

    Unless you are enthusiastic about a hobby or pastime it is inevitable that it will gradually diminish with time and eventually fizzle out. I speak from experience. Developing your passion is essential to growth. Passion is the fuel that fires your hobby.

    3. Ability

    Some are born with natural ability but for most of us we have to work at it. Practise makes perfect. If you don’t have ability then acquire it in whatever way you legally can. Acquiring ability is a process and for many of us a journey of discovery. Something we have to work at.

    Take any of these three points out of digital photography and its demise is well on the way. But, the key point is photography. Learning photography and acquiring creative photography skills will nurture digital photography and keep it alive.

    Photography is not governed by the medium it uses, digital, film, pinhole or Polaroid. Photography stands alone and independent of the tools or media. As with beauty it’s in the eye of the beholder. It is not contained in a box, a camera or digital sensor. Its results can be seen on a computer, t-shirt or magazine.

    Digital photography is the answer to photography because of its ease of use, methods of distribution and costs. But take photography out of digital and it will result in the death of digital photography.

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    November 8th, 2011perfectdesignperfect text

    Save the Wacky Poses for your own camera
    It is not to joke around when preparing to take your prom photos. Doing so will only make these look silly. That may not create the memories of your prom. It is beneficial to refrain from making wacky poses in these photos. The types of poses that are in this category include silly facial expressions, hand gestures and odd posture. Prom photo packages are usually not cheap.

    They may cost you or your parents a hefty price. Therefore, it may be best to act mature when posing for the professional prom photos. If you want to joke around with classmates and friends, bring a personal camera along to take random photos throughout the evening. Keeping silly poses confined to your own personal camera will help to get good prom photos. You will then be able to satisfy your parents and also have fun in the process.

    Do Not Bring Unattractive Prom Dates
    This is a careful area to consider when preparing for your high school prom. The prom date does not have to look like a superstar or be the most popular kid at the high school. However, choosing a prom date that you are attracted to will help to get good prom photos. If you do not view your date as being an attractive girl or boy, how much will you like those prom pictures results? There is a good chance that you will not want to send of your prom photos to family and friends. This situation can be avoided by choosing a good looking prom date from the start. Since everyone has different opinions on who is attractive, the prom date selection is up to you.

    Select a background that compliments your Prom night attire
    Many professional photographers who provide services at high school proms bring along a few different backdrops for the pictures. The photographer may recommend a scene for your prom photos. It helps to browse at all of the available backdrops prior to taking your final pictures. This is an important task, especially if the chosen photographer for your high school does not make any suggestions. Choosing a backdrop that compliments your prom dress or suit will help to get good prom photos.

    If your colored attire and choose a similar backdrop, you may blend into the background. This can take a lot of detail and attention away from you and your date. The backdrop for your prom photos scene is like an accessory for pictures. It should compliment and add pizzazz to the atmosphere, not overshadow it. Focusing on the fact that you and your date are the main subjects is how to get good prom photos.

    Communicate with the photographer
    One of the ways to get good prom is by creating an understanding between yourself and the person who holds the camera. Photographers who work high school proms vary by type. Some of them may accept requests for a certain style while others direct you and your date on how to pose for your prom photos. If the communication is not clear, you and your prom date may end up looking like stiff robots. Try to with the photographer and exchange ideas before taking your prom photos.

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