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    "The adoption of negligence!" A phrase that has a nightmare when used in a dream come true the world blessed the new adoptive parents. Understandably, they prefer these words are directly associated with the adoption agency or adoption attorney that facilitates the placement of your child. The New Jersey state adoption statute NJSA 3:3-39 1 [b] [c], and ten years in force, virtually assured that no such declaration they be heard by a court or adoption. Adoption is a global multi-billion dollar a year. In defense of all adoptions and those who facilitate its implementation, ninety-seven out of every hundred are legitimate. However, other suspected cases, very few of these adoptive parents are aware of irregularities in the acquisition of their children. This leaves the rest as ignorant innocent mothers and adoptive parents whose parental instincts have provided the means and ways for the unscrupulous. Today's date is June 1, 2008 and the prospect that this will be my sixth summer of discontent is disturbing apparent. This morning came the realization of how difficult it would be to involve the public interest in a growing number of adoption. To discuss this, I subscribed to a website online discussion. This is when I wake up in the white dial. It was within a week of posting my forum entries I found partially edited. This suppressive action was taken despite not being a complaint. Each entry, although some obviously did not sit well with the administration of the website. By reading this book, and offered these words of recumbency comfortable position for a State Department of Social Services, as well as some of its adoption facilitators. The reason for this was the research journal, __, as they retrace the systematic procedure of adoption, processed by the facilitators intentional despite knowing that it was a fraud. It also provides the evidence reveals that the New Jersey Department of Human Services helped cover-up. However, unless you read this offer, a scandal that remain hidden, as these pages do not appear in the monthly magazines that explore parenting issues. To register to endure, declare the credentials that are capable of discovering such complex results simply do not exist in my work history. My education has no degree in Sociology and Criminology, those of which relate directly to their classification. In it, everyone should know, and for those who own these coveted sheepskins, my conclusions are the talk of floors within the circles of their peers. However, as the father of her birth is unknown in the previous case, one thing I can say is that these past five years I have proven to be legitimate in the investigation of illegal adoption. Moreover, these truths are helped to relieve my mind, no matter if you put a degree of public attention. Although some may determine that my role in this issue of injustice may justify a victim, sometimes I feel that it is not the case. Although it is true that the illegal adoption of my child is presented as the core underlying these writings, there are other reasons for this book and its termination. Reflexively, the effect of this tragedy in others also influences my concerns. I know two people who have and will continue to suffer residual left behind. I can say however, that these events would not have happened if I had known of the possibility of adoption. Ultimately, despite my appreciation of non-victimization that disappointed me was standing by the biological mother and subsequently treated the same as the above, I consider __ ___ facilitators for criminal negligence. Moreover, in relation to their misdeeds, there are many other parents in this country equally affected. Unfortunate and due to lack of maintenance agency adoption attorney / adoption of high ethical standards, most of these situations could have had different results. That said, an adoption agency and the actions of an adoption attorney is primarily involved in this discussion. It established the main content of this book. Accordingly, and on respect for the reader, the circumstances that led to the initial procedure of this location are also for evaluation in the final chapters. From these pages led to the drafting of the next paragraph. Although he had absolutely nothing to do with this tragedy, the most affected in this test was a four year old. She is now ten years old, who never found a brother who, until she was seven years old, I thought I was in heaven. His treatment by means of non-intervention weighs on my mind. I could have done better for her and my unborn child. Let me say that this story is anything but a diatribe spewing baseless accusations. On the contrary, these written statements are ninety-nine percent of the proven facts. Shows in detail how they have brought an adoption agency nationally recognized ruin. Corruption of this organism is something that the State of New Jersey does not recognize or admit to the evidence documented and signed was established in the door of the Attorney General. Through research, this office has found that the case is a microcosm of the ills faced by today's adoption, especially in regard to illicit placement of newborn infants. In a discovery of great importance is how a successful adoption of the result of a collusive action on three fronts, where participants are exposed. This author analyzed subjectively, isolates and identifies the components of this triad of multi-faceted concept of work. These results, I hope it produces a shower of new adoption law in the future. I also believe, and to demonstrate with documentation that the adoption of humanitarian action has become a marketable product in a certain percentage of licensed facilitators. Subsequently, this exploitation of the adoption of America naturally leaves victims in its wake. These innocent people are biological mothers, prospective parents, and the "unknown" biological parents. However, the "pork bellies trade" that is most affected, ___ illegally adopted children, and his brothers now unknown. As for the innumerable multitude of parents who have adopted children in their lives, they have my utmost respect. It is my opinion that these people as mortal human beings, one life to live and to recognize same child, adoption is the noblest of deeds. Pure in heart are those who strive in this altruistic, voluntary increase is not a child of his own blood. Accordingly, I have written this book with the hope that all who plan to adopt to take care of the few that are practiced in the pain of many. With that said, I will tell my story. This trip, from one, will give names whenever possible, official documentation to protect my right to tell the truth …. Part of my odyssey exposes a scheme that forced the final surrender of a license for adoption agency. On the other hand, also shed light on a group of people intimately entwined in the act of collusion. Incredulous, with over thirty years experience in the field of adoption, a person who really helped the late Professor James Boskey Seton Hall in the drafting of the law of New Jersey state adoption. For more than seventeen consecutive years, [name edited] was the Executive Director of Children of the World Adoption Agency Inc. ___ His career could have taken place without interruption, if not for my research, for it was not captured in practice what she "writes". We also identified a lawyer named [name edited], an expert in the provision of skill in hand to bury the information that would identify "unknown" birth parents, this includes your name and location. In one case, the data could have revealed a paternal medical condition that preventive therapy ensures the future health of a child. This was a lawyer, a few days after birth, received information from a parent aware of the pending adoption. In fact, he knew this man was desperate to find his "missing" pregnant girlfriend. More than a year and a half later, the written statements were forced by the director of the adoption agency and attorney to facilitate this. However, the only problem with this research is that its own separate branch of state government examined each statement. This confrontation is not isolation technique as a result of full exemption, as determined through the interpretation of the states of the state law. The state with its own self-prescribed blinders, did not investigate an apparent discrepancy in the testimony. He was among the two defendants, and their words combined that led to an unprecedented contradiction of adoption fraud. These findings, when recognized and pursued by me, then started a chain reaction of events that opened a panoramic view of everything that is wrong with the adoption in the State of New Jersey. [Very soon, all over the country] Yet bureaucratic eyes chose to look the other way. Speaking of which, it is not known if the French film star Rosie O'Donnell knew the seriousness of the nature of children of the world's problems. I say this because it is largely funded by this organism known, even more than claim to have worked for them. In March 2001, appears [name edited] on his TV show during the day. If one were to see this episode archiving Rosie talk show, which would be the experience and feel the disappointment in the air every time they mentioned were the two sentences: "The adoption by negligence, and the rights of birth Father." however, that by reason of the fall of the agency? __ It stems from their lack of recognition of a gap in the house of confidentiality. __ The contents of a Pandora's box remains. "Loosed was long kept secret, the tomb of potential. ___A "Letter despised" double-edged ______ and ___ vindictive agenda. "" Strangely, as if with the intention requiting, the discovery of the extortion letters are not searched and the extract of the repairs. " "Very expected, was his response to the invitation of the past because they had practiced in the illegal adoption in their lives slipped this letter." The emancipation of a letter from the biological mother extortion author now shows the course of combined working relationship [name edited] and [name edited]. It was an alliance, when examined revealed a conspiracy by state statute unintentionally induced. This is why, as in a case anyway, why the State of New Jersey finished "it is" research and refuses to increase participation. Although this case is the one above, it is also the only one within my reach. Not surprisingly, my tests found, show numerous biological parents are unconscious in the same circumstances. It is worrying that this reflects the broad scope of the problem, and their probable certain practices used elsewhere. It also leaves the question of how the adoption of codes of the State of New Jersey involving a case like this? The New Jersey state adoption statute NJSA 3:3-39 1 [b] [c] is supposed to set a national precedent in the law of adoption, and has, but not necessarily for the best interests of all. Although this law serves the purpose of easing the minds of adoptive parents, who ultimately turn to the conscious adoption attorney of good intentions. The main problem is that it allows a separation between lawyer and assisted the adoptive parents of the biological father, if the evidence found would meet him. If these people have no knowledge of the existence of the other, a finalization is even safer. Unfortunately, this is just another law applied to the head-to avoid any form of humanities at the interface with the tissue integrity of the adoption. As a growing list of facilitators, so that it would not be conducive to business growth. Invariably, the marketing of newborn children well when it does not affect the moral responsibility rears its ugly head. N.J.S.A. 3:3-39 1 [b] [c] ensures biological mothers and facilitators that is not the case. Although this book, per se, is not the true mother, the first and only in this case, however, mothers are, of course, the start link of any equation of adoption. Your input is very important, however, difficult to obtain. Interestingly, through search, I put together a small group of birth mothers willing to be subjected to self-interview is proposed in how the adoption of her newborn baby, run. Percentage, seven out of eleven of these mothers were very good with handling the adoption agency in the process. Of these seven mothers, only one expressed the feelings of regret for adoption. Interestingly, she had no qualms about the possibility of being exploited or coerced by anyone. This, of course, left the last two, and these mothers had a different story to tell. First, let me say that in each of the eleven cases, the biological mother can not remember if asked by the directors if he would consider keeping the child with the help of local support and guidance. Memory or ability if given the literature by the adoption agency with the printed message encouraging them to maintain and raise their babies with the assistance of social programs available. Brochures are printed as the government and outreach programs available. That said, it tells the story of these two biological mothers adoption agency just informed them of the options consisted of different types of adoptions that would benefit your child to be born soon. On the other hand, was of the view that the implied suggestion of guilt, emotional manipulation and the disadvantage of lacking experience in life itself, I immediately had a role in the adoption decision as soon as he entered the door of the adoption agency. With the inclusion of the above findings and with prejudice to the status of the issue of biological father, a young soon to be mother's pregnancy can result in an illegal adoption recognized legal framework under duress. On this type of adoption agencies, interview rooms could be well placed strategically to have a fish tank and a brown leather recliner. What is the reason for this rate adjustment Jung? While most adoption counselors are not psychologists, the state practically allows psychoanalysis to influence a decision in favor of a placement. Surprisingly, there is no way to intervene and prevent such actions. When a case reported of coercion, arbitrary society accepts it as a sanctioned irrevocable decision despite his early suspect. Of course, this is largely due, in part, for the sake of the child. Shyly, that this society has to realize that little by little, each of our individual existence homogenized in agreement with regard to the acceptance of the dehumanizing effects that these laws lead. We have become so blind to the truth that when we hit in the face the conditioned reflex is only a grimace of pain and refuse to issue the public reprimand. "How dare you blaspheme one must act so giving, so disinterested?" This is the kind of response from a voice of discontent for any derogatory remarks are uttered. This puts the genius of those who start these bills for legislation. Having an industry that actually empowers the advocate what is also destroyed in silence, thus ensuring a prosperous respectable business at the moment. Since the area has no position on both sides of the adoption reform, which can work both sides of the issue. Very few understand that we ourselves have made on that machine too. We have become facilitators of illegal adoption through our own passive reaction to the recently enacted public voted no on legislation. This legislation, of course, lobbied wolfishly our eyes weary with money from an invisible co-op with hidden agenda. That said, what or who is this gold mine? This, of course, would be a collective state of adoption agencies and lawyers, which could ___ each, could easily be the card-carrying members of a metro chapter of the Association of Suppliers "Children do not unborn. "Note: As incredible as it may seem, the above process created the law indicated in the following paragraph. This bill was not involved in the process of general election popular vote. As for his method of assistance for the purpose stated, my writings will soon be explained. However, my writing can not and do not show proved the existence of this union. However, all you have to do is fill in the blanks. N.J.S.A. 3:3-39 1 [b] "The biological father, but that can not be identified or located before the child's placement for adoption, services offered advice regarding their options other than the child's placement for the adoption. "[C]" The written notice will be given to biological parents, but one that can not be identified or located before the child's placement for adoption. State law then the code is not part of the adoption itself, but the State of New Jersey law the same way. [Separation of simple things creates illusions, explained below.] NJSA 02.15 "No surrender to custody, or termination of parental rights of a parent affects the rights of the other parent. Nor can a parent to act as agent or representative of the other party to the transfer of control or termination of parental rights. "This law simply means that the actions of one parent will not affect the other parent's right to decide on the keywords in the recently enacted law" can not be identified or located. "Specifically, we assume that the State or his authorized representative must initiate a search for the biological father. How can a State to verify a birth parent can not be identified or located? Based on what evidence to justify an attempt to locate the biological father. Unless the biological mother revealed this type of information, the State would have little to go on. Ten years ago it did not matter, the search had to take place in the hometown of the birth mother. In these recent times, how the Department of Human Services to demonstrate compliance with state law? He entrusted the handling adoption agency to publish an advertisement in the local newspaper. If the biological father was alive and still in the same area, if you are interested could search for this announcement and make necessary changes. This outdated method of observing law had a success rate of about one percent. However, it did work, and served the purpose as an attempt to locate, making it the Department of Human Services adoption agency in compliance with State law. That's how it used to be ten years ago. The redrafting of the new law gave the opportunity to take biological father looks completely out of the picture and have absolutely no liability in case of any foul play occur. Looking at this from a legal standpoint, here is the manipulation of NJSA 3:3-39 1 [b] [c] Question: If the adoption agency that offers, and the birth mother signed and dated an official form indicates that the birth mother's whereabouts and identity of the biological father is impossible to determine, what is this? This document would serve as a state validated as an attempt to locate the biological father. It is clear then that the State of any charges down the road, no. attempting a biological father search This means no ads in the local newspaper The State sanctioned attempt by the adoption agency to locate and identify the biological mother asking to provide answers, and then signs an affidavit, swearing true Genius Reality __ ..! Ideally, a more effective body of law for the prevention of biological father involvement in an adoption that is to deny the rights of the rules of notification of adoption, regardless of the circumstances. The conclusion, however, that this cruel and severe state issued the denial of the rights of biological father in a package of bills would never come through the legislative process. This would have been the case, regardless if they are backed by a gold mine the size of a whale. Even the most passive people are not interested in politics would be a point of law discriminatory purpose. The red flag of ethics pushed raise interest high. These facts are something that respected the laws of the State dare not support such a bill. However, to introduce a bill to change two words and essentially accomplish the same thing, a legislative coup of genius. The result? If state law allows birth mothers, the power to deny the rights of notification rules adoption would put the responsibility in that biological mother. As a biological father might have married the biological mother, refuses signed affidavit NJSA 2.15. In legal terms, is not the biological father of the biological mother to act as its agent. The state can not remove the biological father of the adoption process, but maybe the biological mother and his pen insurance! This will also answer any fault condition is seen in the level of state and private companies. With the state absolutely clean, there would be no reason for seeking the proposed program which heavily lobbied bills. With a stroke of pen-published New Jersey, two state statutes drawn, without a mess! With the signing of the biological mother, silently, NJSA 3:3-39 1 [b] [c] becomes a state sanctioned, legal and working mother birth functionally whole "spider trap", a device which, for wear a very small percentage of the biological parents are victims. As for the "guild" is a trap, which requires no maintenance. [Most birth parents do not want to follow the path that few are reported missing.] Works on the principle that long-term money spent by the initiators of the bill, after a while, suddenly shift and become benefits. With each trapped biological father, is another opportunity for an uninterrupted state of adoption completion. The "integrity" of the "Guild" possibilities to improve the bill is back Statute pursed lips of the biological mother. The enactment of this law is the result of our indifference to the power of legislators once they are in the seat of power. These people were fully aware of the purpose of NJSA 3: 3-39 1 [b] [c] These people are the real-world triad construction of adoption Being Guild, the New Jersey statute also paralyzed leaves used as a tool for conspirators passive participation.! collusion animals, is a party to be officially ignorant of critical information about this locality the necessary room for the full exemption if one or the other of foul play being involved after reading this book opens the question .. . what do they really goes on behind closed doors with an adoption agency or the state for that matter? That said, it has taken me nearly four years of my research without the aid of this force closure "is not what it seems" adoption agency. company, the world's children, whom I consider "providers of young children and the unborn," canceled a hearing scheduled before the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law. He chose not to appear before the judge sitting Carol Cohen to counter measures taken against his license revocation decision. This action did not lead immediately to a cease and desist order in its place of business located in Verona, New Jersey. The forced closure of children of the world on all happened because they knew that the fight against charges that would result in a futile attempt to clear his name. Instead, Margaret Morrissey, and members of the board of this chose adoption agency lurking silently to sink beneath the waves. They chose this form of business suicide in front of a display open to the public than it would have been his self-written journalistic embarrassment. Not to mention the embarrassment of others … Although Rosie O'Donnell only the funds of this agency is the same used in the adoption of their children. In the interest, if not a coincidence that jokingly makes some curious statements in his interview on Larry King Live. Their conclusions were that adoption agencies, possibly handling adoptions should order a child from a mail order catalog. [Quotes next] merry quips Ms. O'Donnell is on target. To accomplish this, the only thing necessary for the coercion of an adoption lawyer identified a birth mother wants, and an "unknown" biological father. On the other hand, should be a red flag placement, New Jersey, offers a guarantee of sanctuary status of their lawyers state, ___ if necessary. In my Opinion, the audacity of this trail adoption scandal roots firmly embedded in the law of the State of New Jersey. [Read before.] It has become the ideal retreat for the architecture of these covert maneuvering is representative if discovered. The key to success is to manufacture anything, then the withholding of information by passing it when it gets too hot it becomes the formula worked. Unless, of course, a memory out of your circuit, but with a hunger like their own greed, materializes through the RSVP oblivion .. __ Honor among thieves? ___ Have you forgotten quickly, are ways after the dinner bell rang long ago …. As an unwanted dinner guest, dangerous biological mothers "letter" had returned, full of amended agenda. Ironically, this entity began to issue their own invitations, __ recently served, would be the last standing true. As executive director of the adoption agency, Ms. Serio was a major player in outright fraud that was converted. In the end, by his own hand, he tried was a lesson learned career-ending for the subsistence of bad company. This can be said of adoption lawyers unscrupulous "when the tables turn, they have a redeeming quality, ___ the fact that they are cannibals. "However, my personal disappointment, is a perplexing issue of government appointment of the law that was the most disturbing discovery. This statement sounds absurd but true. In fact, when it comes to adoption of children in the State of New Jersey, these "powers" he said, quote, "your complaint, even if true, does not constitute misconduct or incapacity." ; To do this, we can thank the state adoption law. As birth parents' rights to live a kind caught in the twilight of legislative recognition, the risk of illegal adoption becoming a trend in the state is a real possibility. alarming, and therefore its application ironic, when the acting governor of New Jersey signed this law into force in 1998, his intention was to Eclipse horrible judgments. Primarily, the intent of this law was to limit the heart ripping investment after the adoption placement of the child.

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    Baron de Coubertin’s purpose in creating the Modern Olympic Games was based on a belief of rights of the individual. He said: “The Olympiads have been reestablished for the rare and solemn glorification of the individual athlete…” Individuals could strive for moral as well as athletic excellence.

    China’s Communist government contradicts the Baron’s purpose. Can individualism be achieved in a totalitarian say in which an individual has no rights?

    Andrew Bernstein, Ph.D. wrote an open letter to the IOC. His comments are paraphrased as follows:

    “China’s law mandates one child per family. Those who break the law abandon to state orphanages by the tens of thousands. According to Human Rights Watch/Asia “China’s official policy is one of nutritional and medical neglect with the intent of inducing death. The Shanghai Children’s Welfare Institute, China’s most prestigious orphanage has a child mortality rate of 90 percent during the late 1980s and 1990s.”

    Have we forgotten news coverage and photographs of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre of pro-freedom activists? Is life any superior for Christians and other religious denominations in China today?

    Harry Wu survived 19 years in forced labor camps. The author and human rights activist points out that these camps hold between 4 and 6 million prisoners. “Many of these slaves are political and/or religious dissidents, held without due process. Their transgression was opposition to their Communist rulers.”

    In the 1999 Harvard University Press release, The Black Book of Communism, researchers established that Mao Zedong and his successors murdered 65 million Chinese. Indiana’s say representative Jim Atterholt referred to China’s political leaders as the “Butchers of Beijing.”

    “China is not content with slaughtering and enslaving its own people. China supported the murderous Khmer Rouge in Cambodia,” North Viet Nam against South Viet Nam, North Korea against South Korea, “brutally conquered Tibet and threatened Taiwan.”

    “If China does not protect the rights of its own citizens and openly commits aggression against foreign countries, should it compete or host an Olympics? Why should the International Olympic Committee (IOC) legitimize Beijing’s power over its own subjects? Why do civilized countries deem China worthy of the honor to host the Olympics? China is a murderous dictatorship. It kills its children.” What propaganda can legitimately mask this carnage?

    Apologists will say, “that the Olympic games will not be interpreted by China’s leaders as a reward for past misdeeds, but as an incentive to increase their toleration of dissent. The political pressure of being in the Olympic spotlight will help to open up China.”

    Exactly how is this going to happen? Is there a precedent? Did the IOC use this leverage to stop Soviet tanks from rolling into Afghanistan during the 1980 Olympics?

    Bob Tracinski, a columnist for Creator’s Syndicate wrote, “The tragedy of the IOC’s decision is not so much the reward that has been to China’s dictatorship: it is the fact that, just as in the years leading up to World War II, the free nations of the world have lost the moral confidence to judge, to condemn, and to ostracize the world’s dictators.”

    The Olympics celebrate man at his best. The IOC did not stand tall for moral principles and the dignity of man when they selected China, to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

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