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  • The User Interface Design

    March 30th, 2013perfectdesignperfect text

    In the virtual world of internet and information technology nothing can be said to be impossible. Things that were thought to be impossible some years back have now become a reality. Constant changes and innovations in the hardware and software have led to a fast evolution in the information technology industry. Parallel design (Parallel Design, UI Design) is a method which, broadly applied, can be employed by anyone undertaking a process of creation, but it lends itself particularly well to userinterface design (User Interface Design, UI Design). Parallel design starts with a large pool of ideas, uses heuristics to evaluate these ideas, and then selects the best ideas to generate new and better ideas about the new user intrface design. It functions very much like the process of natural selection–the strongest ideas survive and go on to produce more ideas and the weak ideas die off. Therefore, paralel design is a process that offers a space for a vast amount of user intrface designer input despite the fact that all these ideas will not survive. It is a process that starts big and leads to a constant string of ideas that eventually engender a common solution.

    After the key pad, the tough screen became a reality. No one expected this giant leap in technology. The user interface responds to the touch of the fingers. In the years to come many people are of the opinion that the interface is going to evolve further. Some of the prominent areas where the user interface is going to evolve and  change to meet the expectations of the users are as follows. The video demo of Microsoft Surface has created waves in the world of interface technology. Many are of the opinion that the intuitive interface that goes along with interaction of the object will be a reality. The multi touch interface that is sensitive to the touching of multiple people is going to be a craze in the future. The multi tough interface is going to become very helpful in the world of music.

    The television is going to be used for accessing the internet. Some experts say that the user interface is going to develop to such an extent that the kitchen devices will also be accessible and it is going to indirectly affect the way food is cooked.

    Experts are striving to perfect the user interface to such an extent that it responds to the stimulus of the brain and not by touching. This implies that the user interface will work without touching of the screen. Occasionally there has always been a third partyapplications featuring a user interface design that would go on to set UI design standards. Examples include Transmit and Quicksilver’s influence on the user interface design of FTP clients and launchers respectively. A more recent example of a third party app setting user interface design standards is the Tweetie app. The Twitter client app would prove so popular that other non-Twitter apps would pay the sincerest form of flattery by imitating its UI design. Twitter itself would go on to buy it and make it the official Twitter Mac and iOS client. Examples of non-Twitter clients that would adopt Tweetie’s user interface design are the Sparrow e-mail client and the Reeder RSS client. Reeder would also set some user interface design standards of its own among RSS clients because, incidentally, the Tweetie-likeUI design was added later as a mini-view.

    It has been a trend in this industry that the latest technology is priced high. Once this technology becomes old and is feared to be replaced by another technology, its price starts falls and after some time becomes affordable.